Transport of plants

Sarsped company specialized in road transport of plants (trees, saplings, and flowers)

Our experienced staff has considerable experience in such transport and can take up any challenge.

We use a modern fleet of vehicles for transport which allows us to transport any kind of plants.

Courtainsider semi-trailer – these semi-trailers use tarpaulin and are available in the following dimensions: length 13.6m, width 2.45m, height 2.75m

  • They can be loaded from either side, and their roof can be slid both ways which gives more possibilities to load large trees.
  • During the transport, it is possible to slightly open the tarpaulin to facilitate air flow in the semi-trailer for the benefit of the plants.
  • You can fit 43 CC plant carts inside such semi-trailer.

Refrigerated semi-trailer – this semi-trailer is used to transport previously frozen or refrigerated food products (meat, fish, fruit) and products which need to be warmed up (e.g. plants). 

A refrigerated semi-trailer is a perfect solution when it comes to transporting plants that require specific temperature.

There are three types of refrigerated semi-trailers:

  • regular type (dimensions: length 13.6m, width 2.45m, height 2.6m)
  • trailer with hooks (dimensions: length 13.6m, width 2.45m, height 2.45m) equipped with hooks to transport meat,
  • trailer for plants (dimensions: length 13.6m, width 2.5m, height 2.6m) - thanks to such width it is possible to fit inside 43 CC plant carts.

How We Work

We have an eye on your merchandise

We offer our customers allocation of a personal attendant, who currently informs on all occurring events and about loading and unloading of the cargo entrusted to us. This person should take care of the course of transport and monitor the performance of a particular transport order.

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