Iwona Luftmann - Transport Manager

Iwona Luftmann

Chief Operating Officer

14 years of experience in logistics gained at various positions in operating departments, including, among others,

  • management of a fleet of vehicles from tarpaulins to refrigerated trucks
  • acquiring carriers for particular logistic projects
  • preparation and signing of contracts with subcontractors
  • settlement of subcontractors
  • supporting customers

Tomasz Neumann - Sales Manager

Tomasz Neumann

Sales Director

Over 17-year experience in logistics gained in major European logistic companies, in which  he has taken care of , among others,

  • handling commercial talks,
  • maintaining trade contacts with a group of key customers,
  • contract negotiating and assessing,
  • designing complex logistic solutions
  • financial control,
  • company development strategy development,
  • managing the sales department, working out procedures and instructions

Wiktor Król - Transport Manager

Wiktor Król

Transport Manager

Wiktor Król - Transport Manager+48 882 157 235 Wiktor Król e-mailwiktor.krol@sarsped.pl

Logistics student with a year long experience, speaking fluent German. “I am ready to face new logistic challenges.”

Wiktor Król - Transport Manager

Łukasz Malida

Plants Transport Specialist

Wiktor Król telefon+48 600 721 025 Wiktor Król adres e-maillukasz.malida@sarsped.pl

Forwarding agent with 5 years of experience. Specialized in international transport of plants. Wide experience in this type of specialized transport allows us ideally match the type of semi-trailer to the type of transported plants

Marcin Płóciennik - Transport Manager

Marcin Płóciennik

Transport Manager

Freight forwarder with 5 years of experience. I specialize in international transportation of industrial and food products, both fresh and frozen. I handle transport services in all European countries. My job is to provide comprehensive service to domestic and foreign clients. At work I am focuse on good contact with clients and subcontractors, always looking for optimal solutions.

Katarzyna Bak - Sales Assistant

Katarzyna Bąk

Sales Assistant

Iwona Luftmann telefon+48 881 023 671 Iwona Luftmann adres e-mailkatarzyna.bak@sarsped.pl

Several years of experience in commerce. I specialise in acquiring and maintaining good customer relations, primarily with foreign customers. Excellent command of foreign languages and expertise in the field of transportation let me conduct business negotiations and always select the optimal solution.

Honorata Neumann - Administration Specialist

Honorata Neumann

Administration Specialist

14 years of experience in office administration helps me to coordination our office. In recent years I have been responsible for contact with customers, circulation of the documents, payments, debt collection and invoices.

How We Work

We have an eye on your merchandise

We offer our customers allocation of a personal attendant, who currently informs on all occurring events and about loading and unloading of the cargo entrusted to us. This person should take care of the course of transport and monitor the performance of a particular transport order.

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